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Cherry Magazine

Cherry Magazine was a second year design brief to tackle the issue of sex education within the education system.


Sex education in school is not informative enough and is not inclusive of all sexualities. There needs to be something that informes young girls about: periods, period sex, the female anatomy, masturbation, sexual health (STI’s, smear tests), body positivity, contraception, contraception in the LGBTQ+ community etc.


To create something that young girls can engage with to inform them of everything they need to know with sex, sexual health and their body without them feeling guilty or worried for wondering about it, and without it feeling clinical.


Produce an editorial or digital outcome that puts light on taboo subjects for teenage girls in sex education that aren’t taught in schools on sex, sexual health and their body. It should motivate, inspire, and create a positive response.

Target Audience:

Teenage girls aged between 15-18. The age starts at 15 because that is close to the legal age to have sex. I don’t want to promote under age sex, however if they do choose to start to become sexually active, I want to promote safe sex.

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